KubbCoin (KC)

Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth.

Kubb förenar människor och skapar fred på jorden.

The first crypto token created for Kubb enthusiasts! KubbCoin (KC) is an ERC20 token created to celebrate and promote Kubb. KC are real -- actual virtual tokens that you can own, hold, trade, and transfer. It's a crypto token, and not a crypto currency. It has no inherent monetary value, but rather is a unique item for collection/trade. There are 600 KC in existence, but further production is an option. Its value is whatever given to it by collection/trade of it. Some possible uses include: 

  • Collecting to show one's adoration for the greatest game of all time;
  • Awards for Kubb competitions;
  • Tipping organizations that promote Kubb;
  • Friendly wagers; or
  • Insert your idea here

To request KubbCoin, click the button below to go to the official KC network, then click the "Request Tokens" button. Include a note in the "Message" with ideas you have for using it. I'm looking for creative and fun ways that KubbCoin can help promote Kubb.

KC costs a small amount of ETH to produce, but not enough to consider as part of its value, so I'm donating that production cost for the greater good of Kubb promotion.

KubbCoin (KC) was created 13-March-2018 by Zefareu

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